EVENT: Inspire 2014 - June Speaker Series

SPEAKERS: To Be Announced.

DATE: Sunday, June 1st, 2014

TIME: 9:30 to 1:30pm

VENUE: Montecassino Hotel and Event Center, 3710 Chesswood Drive, Toronto

MC: Frankie Flowers

FORMAT: Each speaker will talk for 30 mins followed by 15 mins of Q&A

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Inspire 2014 is specifically targeted to Canadian teenagers and young adults. You are invited to our inspiring events with notable line-ups of famous and successful Canadians.


Inspire and empower Canadian youth to pursue their dreams through sharing of experiences and advice by Canadian leaders.


  • Engage Canadian youth
  • Provide Canadian youth with exposure to live case studies from Canadians who have achieved success in their chosen profession
  • Share experiences in an interactive format where youth have direct access to leaders
  • Give Canadian leaders a venue through which to communicate to our youth in a mentorship capacity


Rick Campanelli (host of ET Canada)

Rita DeMontis (National Food Editor at Sun Media)

Enrico Colantoni (Hollywood actor)

Alex Rechichi (President of Extreme Brands)


Luciano Volpe

Luciano is the Owner and Managing Partner of SLV International, a Toronto-based company, which specializes in managing and developing its high quality food brands within the Canadian market and various overseas markets. In 2009, SLV launched its brand line of premium Italian products called CasaSana. In 2011, SLV officially launched its brand line of unique Canadian food products, under the label can-Natur. Today, can-Natur products can be found at major retail chains and national hotel chains in Canada. In late 2013, the brand will debut both in the US and Mexican markets.

Luciano is also a Founding member and acting Chair of a unique not-for-profit called INSPIRE. INSPIRE's mission is to empower Canada's young adults and future leaders through conference-based events profiling current successful Canadian leaders. Founded in 2011, the Founding Committee consists of five Canadian entrepreneurs who have dedicated their time and efforts to growing INSPIRE into a true Leadership program. The INSPIRE Advisory Committee consists of 4 multi-talented and successful Canadian leaders: Enrico Colantoni, Rita DeMontis, Alex Rechichi and Rick Campanelli.

In 2012, Luciano also co-developed and co-produced two radio morning shows - "Amici" and "The F-Squad". The "Amici" program was designed to celebrate the successes of members within the community in Toronto and showcase their accomplishments through one-on-one live in-studio interviews. The "F-Squad" program is a unique format that has showcased six personalities live in-studio and was designed to re-engage a larger audience with entertaining dialogue and positive community messages.

For the last nine years, Luciano has also acted as a part-time instructor at York University and Rotman Commerce in Toronto, specializing in International Business and Marketing. He holds an International MBA (1999) from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, which included a year of study and work in Milan, Italy.

Luciano also remains involved in the community as an active Mentor to University of Toronto and York University business students and alumni and he is the Founder and organizer of a successful annual professional speaker series focused on providing career guidance to graduating high-school students at St. Michael's College in Toronto.

Gianni Creta

Gianni currently serves as the Vice President of Globalive Communications, a telecommunications company with brands including YAK, WIND Mobile, and OneConnect. In his role, Gianni manages the OneConnect division and is responsible for interacting with existing and new customers to deliver products and services customized to suit their needs. Using the experience he's gained at Globalive, as well as over ten years in the telecom industry, Gianni brings together the variety of products and services offered by Globalive and its affiliate companies to satisfy customer demand.

Prior to his current position, Gianni acted as Chief Technology Officer for both Globalive and OneConnect. In that capacity, Gianni developed Globalive's proprietary softswitching and application technologies, built new applications, and established Globalive's technology roadmap and strategy.

Gianni is an Honours graduate from the University of Toronto's Computer Engineering Program and helped to launch Globalive in 1998.

Rob Grossi

Robert is a Principal at Cooler Solutions, a Toronto-based design innovation consultancy that specializes in developing products, services and user experiences that address unarticulated needs of users in the consumer and healthcare sectors.

Robert's prior experience includes working as a private equity investor at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, and in the investment field with global asset management firm BlackRock. Robert holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Princeton University, and a MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Robert is actively involved in a wide range of community-oriented activities, ranging from mentoring programs to the RISE program, a Toronto-based microfinance organization encouraging, supporting and funding entrepreneurial ventures among people with mental illness and/or addiction.

Lawrence La Pianta

Lawrence currently serves as owner and operator of Locate Location Services a company that finds and secures locations for both feature and commercial filming projects. As well as coordinating the logistics involved for the production he also serves as the face of the production to the community and is responsible for addressing issues or concerns from the public during production.

It was while attending the University of Toronto that Lawrence discovered his passion for film while taking a course in Italian cinema during his second year. From there the love of film flourished and a chance meeting with a television producer sparked a change in career orientation that would lead him through the next decade of his life. The Location Department is an often forgotten yet integral department in the creation of any motion picture or commercial, it is only when things go wrong that the Location Manager gets any recognition. Lawrence prides himself in never being recognized.

Rino Spano

Rino Spano started his entrepreneurial career at the age of 25, having managed several web development companies such as iBeetle.com and Nitro Interactive during the dot com boom. Prior to that, Rino worked at Dynamic Mutual Funds, as a Systems Analyst, and, CIBC Discount Brokerage, involved in a team established to create CIBC's PC Banking for Discount Brokerage, the second of its kind to launch in Canada.

Today Rino is COO of Carino Digital Inc., a digital marketing company that focuses on marketing new real estate developments in North America, with a strong emphasis on Public Relations, Social Media, Video and Online strategies. Rino has worked alongside renowned clients like Trump International and Tridel. In the past 5 years, Rino has been directly responsible for selling over 300 million dollars worth of new real estate product in the GTA.

Rino also heads up CASAM, a South Asian media buying service specializing in servicing corporate clients who wish to effectively penetrate the Canadian South Asian community.

Rino is also co-founder of Twoople Inc., a startup internet based messaging service. Rino and his team are essential in the brand development of Twoople, having conceptualized all branding elements, including interface designs and functionality for the desktop and mobile versions of Twoople. Rino is also responsible for managing the PR initiatives of Twoople. Rino also focuses his efforts on business development and opertations of the startup. Twoople is set to launch in the fall of 2013.

Rino graduated from St. Michael's College School and later attended Glendon College, part of York University, with focus on Economics, and a minor in History and French.

As Steering Committee member of Inspire Toronto, Rino and his team oversee the branding and communications of Inspire.


Peter Giampuzzi, Chair of Inspire Student Committee

Brandon Sousa, Media & PR Advisor

Melissa Adinolfi, Social Media & Events

Ram Accoumeh, Event & Logistics

Andrew Heinson, Event Photographer


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